Waltz for Mihyun 🎼 Score for classical guitar. Mp3 free


Waltz for Mihyun

Vals criollo. 2020

Música: Roberto Pugliese

Descuentos del carrito del sitio de tangos en guitarra de Roberto Pugliese
Aprovéchate de los descuentos directos del carrito 😎

Score for solo guitar by Roberto Pugliese from the waltz
“Waltz for Mihyun” by Roberto Pugliese.

With its corresponding audio on guitar as a reference and aid in your interpretation.
With the purchase of the score the free audio is added in high quality mp3.


With the purchase of the score the free audio is added in high quality mp3.


Waltz for Mihyun

Creole waltz 2020 

Music: Roberto Pugliese

Waltz for Mihyun

Waltz Mihyun guitar fingerstyle Creole waltz guitar score by Roberto Pugliese.

This waltz is a new composition, with a marked classic style that we like so much on the guitar.

It has in its form, a motif that connects three very classic melodic parts.

Waltz Mihyun guitar fingerstyle  Creole waltz

Classical guitar waltzes are much appreciated, but there really aren’t many.

We in Argentina (I was born in Buenos Aires) when we study classical guitar, we have in our repertoire many waltzes that are of Creole style.

Waltzes in Argentina are a direct gift for European waltzes, and their style was greatly developed in the environment of danceable tango.

Since to nuance and vary the styles of music for dancing, spaces for the Creole waltz are interspersed, which almost always speak of family stories.

So I wrote this waltz as a birthday gift from my wife Mihyun Cho Pugliese.

El video

Since I have so many video made, whenever I add one, I try to change the background.

But I don’t want to do it with multiple cameras which is the solution for music videos.

I don’t want to, because the various cameras are used:

… to hide mistakes by editing and pasting shots …

And my videos are all really live in one take for the guitar part of the play.!

I leave the original drawing and some details.


Like all the scores on the blog, which already number more than 100, in addition to having your video on Youtube that helps with your interpretation, high-quality audio is free as a gift.

Playing tangos is not easy, you cannot write its rhythmic tricks and its delicate movements of speed.

Rather, writing means complicating writing in an exaggerated way.

That is why the video with the audio together with the general score is a great opportunity to reach this great universal music like tango.


Con la partitura - el audio es gratis!

With the score – the audio is free!


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